Comments from Students and Teachers

"My students enjoy the activities and the way we approach each unit. I have enjoyed teaching Algebra more now than ever.

Some of their comments are:

'It's fun.'

'They get it now'

'Algebra is easy.'"

- Veronica Gutierrez, Math Teacher, Mathis, Texas

Last year I had no idea what I was doing and I pretty much failed every test and quiz. This year I haven't failed a single test or quiz, so I'm happy we began learning Algebra in this exciting new way.

-Brittney R., 10th Grade Student

I like putting the lessons from math and using our creativity to better understand the main concepts of those lessons.

- Brittany G., student

Before 4MAT I focused almost exclusively on one mode of instructional delivery. I could lecture with the best of them and reaching my analytical kids was my real focus! I never had time to consider one of my student's most common complaints: "When are we ever going to use this?"

- Kim H., Veteran Algebra Teacher

Comments from a Recent Training in Yonkers Public Schools (New York)

How would you rate the overall quality of this session?
96.5% Excellent
3.5% Good

Most useful

  • Connecting lessons to student life
  • Internet options
  • Do the actual activities – to experience how it works and then made the connections
  • Everything he explained and demonstrated can increase student learning/achievement
  • 4MAT method as it applies to mathematics
  • The natural learning cycle.
  • Project idea/Hook ideas
  • Concepts, connects, alternatives to worksheets.
  • The different ideas and/or activities for connecting and application videos, music, etc.
  • The entire program.
  • All of it – seriously.
  • How to engage the students by appropriate activity.
  • Connect – celebrate.
  • All of it.
  • It put everything together for me into one big pot instead of a lot of small ones
  • 4MAT lessons on Algebra
  • All of it – especially the Connects
  • I am now more comfortable explaining the purpose and relevance of projects to participants
  • Everything
  • Actually going through the units
  • Connect activities and overall ideas to start with
  • All the activities that can be used to excite the students make connections 

Would you recommend this seminar to your colleagues?

100% - Yes

Additional Comments

  • The program was great and highly motivated
  • It was very informative and worthwhile to enhance teaching
  • It would help motivate and engage students
  • I wish my colleague was here so we could implement this together
  • Interactive and engaging method to teach
  • 4MAT is a brilliant way to give students purposeful learning

Comments from a Recent Training sponsored by the New Jersey DOE

  • Quality: 86%, excellent, 13% good
  • Relevance: 72% "Extremely", 27% "Very"
  • Would you recommend to peers? 100%, yes
  • Do you plan to use these ideas in your classroom? 100%, yes
  • Program has relevance to my work with students: 90% strongly agree, 10% agree
  • The program provides skills and knowledge to improve teaching: 90% strongly agree, 10% agree
  • The program can be used to improve student performance: 77% strongly agree, 22% agree

Individual Comments, "Most Useful"

Most useful:

  • The activities and the hook/connects (6 mentions)
  • The activities (3 mentioins)
  • The projects for learning/new project ideas (2 mentions)
  • The student books.  (2 mentions)
  • I found this entire workshop very helpful.
  • Everything
  • The books were most useful to me.
  • The hands-on activities and the extensive insight into the types of learners (Day One).
  • I always need new ideas for projects and opening unit activities and this really helped.
  • Alternative Assessments
  • Going through the practical examples of activities
  • The 4MAT Circle and examples. I will definitely use this in my classroom.
  • Day One on the brain and the types of learners.
  • The Personality Analysis (this is done on Day One)
  • The real world connections are rather simple and will be easy to present to my class.
  • Introductory Activities
  • Connections to the real world and the projects
  • The kinesthetic exercises.
  • Flexibility of use of entire program. Application of approach
  • to teach other courses—organization.
  • I really found the entire presentation useful from Dick and Colleen.
  • I will use most of what I heard and learned.
  • Activites and projects aligned to key algebra concepts.
  • Relating the math to student's lives. Hook activities and projects. 


 Additional Comments

  • It is easy to follow.
  • Every little bit helps—and this is a lotta bit.
  • Excellent teaching model that catches the interest of most students.
  • I think that teaching math this way will prove its relevance to all!
  • Very valuable.
  • Very useful for all subjects.
  • It helps the teacher to "think" essential questions and to see the major concepts. A course instead of isolated skill topics.
  • It is different from normal teaching and students will be more interested in paying attention
  • I teach those who don't care—or that think they "can't"
  • I would gradually implement this program into my classroom.
  • This is exactly what I have wanted to try!
  • I think it will help my struggling students.
  • I spend too much time lecturing in front of the classroom, because that is how I learn best.
  • I want to appeal to all different types of students in my class.
  • Because it is a great program
  • This was truly an eye-opener.
  • Because I think it will engage my students
  • It will improve kids' attitudes towards Algebra. More kids will fall in love with math if I use this approach.
  • Because it is experiential as opposed to lecture and paper practice. 

Download a Sample Chapter

Click here to download or receive by mail a sample chapter from the teacher's guide. The concept is "Luck".

4MAT 4 Algebra Works!

4MAT 4 Algebra Training Dates

4MAT 4 Algebra training training is for teachers looking to use this program in their classroom. The training provides comprehensive guidance in how to use 4MAT 4 Algebra to help enhance Algebra I Instruction. This training includes 2 days of intensive instruction on how to use this program in the classroom. 

Participants will receive hands-on guidance in all the instructional activities and projects comprising the course. Upon completion, participants are fully equipped to implement this program in their classroom.

Watch for future 4MAT 4 Algebra workshops to be scheduled.